About the job

Do you have what it takes to design new digital identities and campaigns for non-profits and independent online magazines? At Bolster, we like to work at the cutting edge of journalism, organizing and campaigning. We work for clients such as Wakker Dier, Young & United, GroenLinks and OneWorld.

Our clients have at least one thing in common: in one way or another, they’re working on creating a society that is more inclusive, fair and sustainable. We share those ideals, and contribute by building complex digital platforms and campaigns that help them tell compelling stories and organise movements.

Here’s a selection of our recent work (more here).

Who we're looking for

As a visual designer, you:

  • have at least 3 years of experience in the capacity of a visual designer for the web;
  • have a knack for typography;
  • share our ambition to create superb reading experiences for digital magazines;
  • prefer adopting and expanding design philosophies and pattern libraries;
  • like to design campaigns and experiences that invite users to participate;
  • like to work on projects that are in line with your progressive ideals;
  • want to work in tandem with developers and strategists to help translate your designs into working products and platforms;
  • are intimately acquainted with Sketch;
  • know how to use software such as Illustrator and Photoshop as well;
  • are not afraid to dive under the hood and look at code.

About the job

Our nice little office.

You’ll be working as a designer in a tight-knit cooperation with a strategist, project manager and multiple web developers. If you want to use your design skills to help innovate the worlds of journalism and NGO’s, we think this is a pretty good gig.

We’re looking for someone who will be ideally working four or five days a week, predominantly at our office in Delfshaven, Rotterdam. We’re bilingual, so it’d be great if you speak either Dutch or English fluently.

As always, since we like to work on projects that promote inclusivity, we’d like to add that applicants who happen to not exclusively identify as a white straight able-bodied cisgender male  are especially invited to apply.


If you’d like to apply for this position, please fill out the form below. If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line at jaapstronks@bureaubolster.nl.

  • Who are you, what are your skills, what are your ambitions? Feel free to introduce yourself in a couple of sentences.
  • If you have one, feel free to include a link (a Dropbox link, for example) to a resume / C.V.
  • Could you mention (and link to) a couple of digital productions you've been responsible for? Please clarify your role and responsibilities related to this project, and why you're proud of it.
  • Feel free to interpret this in whichever way you like. If you're not sure if you would accept a position at Bolster, please tell us under which conditions you would accept a job at an agency such as ours, and which considerations would influence your decision.
  • Dit veld is voor validatie doeleinden en moet ongewijzigd blijven.