Wanted: frontend developer (Rotterdam)

Build next-generation platforms for nonprofits & journalism

Bolster is looking for a talented frontend developer with serious JavaScript skills, who’d like to join us and help innovate political organizing, independent journalism, ngo fundraising and more.

Deadline: September 30th, 2016

In this job, you’ll be doing frontend development for our web projects, mostly built with either WordPress & Perikles or developed with React on the Meteor platform.

Although you will increasingly focus on advanced CSS animations and JavaScript wizardry, a fair chunk of your work will consist of adding CSS to HTML to create smart responsive designs.

About Bolster

Bolster is a boutique agency in Rotterdam, the Netherlands: a small team of skilled professionals who choose to work exclusively on challenging and exciting projects that invariably contribute something to society.

Our clients mostly fall in the categories of either politics/unions (GroenLinks, PvdA, FNV, Young & United), journalism (De Persgroep, De Coöperatie, Erasmus Magazine), or arts&culture (het Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Museum Rotterdam). Here’s a couple of our recent projects (See our cases page for more info):

  • Vers Beton

Currently, among other things, we’re busy developing a new online home for the Dutch union of cyclists and a national campaigning website for GroenLinks.

Why your job is important

The web continues to alter the fabric of society. Digital campaigning has become the beating heart of political organizing & non-profit fundraising, while independent journalism is struggling to adopt a mix of membership models, sponsorships, crowdfunding and micropayments in an effort to escape the death trap of pageview-obsessed, race-to-the-bottom clickbait content farms.

At Bolster, our ambition is to design and develop platforms that allow for independent journalism, organizing and fundraising to thrive. We need a talented and ambitious frontend developer like yourself to help organizations to tell important, well-crafted stories that inform and engage. We need you to create interfaces and experiences that will make users choose to sign up, to contribute, to connect, to join, to speak up and speak out.

“We need you to create interfaces and experiences that will make users choose to sign up, to contribute, to connect, to join, to speak up and speak out”

If you are the frontend developer we’re looking for, you’re probably already thinking of ways your skills could conceivably contribute to those goals. Seamless transitions without page loads may help users to keep on reading, to more easily sign up as a volunteer or to chip in for a worthy cause. And thoughtfully applied animations, to take another example, could make the difference between a digitized museum brochure and an interactive online platform that adds value to an exhibition.

What you could learn here

You’ll be working in a team, consisting of an online strategist, a creative director / visual designer, a full-stack developer and a frontend developer who specializes in WordPress. This division of labour is sufficiently fine-grained to allow you to reach a deeper level of specialization, without losing sight of the bigger picture.

As Bolster is a strategically oriented agency that typically works directly for clients (instead of serving as a production shop, to be hired by ad agencies and the like), you’ll be able to have a discernible personal impact on our clients’ bottom line.

Also: Bolster is still young and not hampered by legacy technologies or project management methodologies from the nineties. We’re able to pick up new technologies and processes fast, including ones you might want to introduce.

What we're looking for

We’re looking for an inquisitive frontend developer with a desire to learn, yet with multiple years of experience under their belt. You should have a decent amount of experience with a number of these languages / technologies / methodologies:

  • Flux (Redux)
  • WordPress theme development
  • Methodologies such as BEM (or at least be somewhat familiar with them)
  • ECMAScript 2015/2016
  • Git
  • React
  • GraphQL

We’re also looking for someone who is reasonably informed on and politically sensitive to major progressive causes such as the fights against climate change, racism, wage disparities, tax evasion, misogyny and homophobia.

Since we’re increasingly working for international clients, we’re probably switching to English as our primary language. Written and verbal fluency in English is a must, although being able to speak Dutch would come in handy as well. Native speakers of French, Spanish or German would be welcome too.

Another thing: Bolster promotes diversity. Apart from a self-explanatory need for demographic representativeness in the workplace, it is especially important for an agency working on a broad range of progressive causes to not consist solely of typical representatives of the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy white men. So, if you happen to not exclusively identify as a white cisgender male, you are especially invited to apply.

What we have to offer

Bolster offers you a fulltime job (although fewer hours/days could be agreed upon) with decent pay, interesting projects, growth opportunities and reasonable work hours. We proudly adhere to a 9-to-5 mentality: most of us have children to care for, so we like to get serious work done during regular office hours, in order to have enough time for a family and social life. We therefore lack a foosball table and removed our PlayStation, as we never used it. (Such frills are usually a weak form of compensation for unpaid overtime, anyway.)

We are proponents of deep work: we promote long stretches of concentrated individual work, interjected by short bursts of conversations and brainstorming. Not replying to a Slack thread until hours later is considered praiseworthy. We don’t do email.

Still with us? Please fill out the form below (or contact us if you have any questions).

Please note: acquisition based on this job opening is not appreciated.

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